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Rachel Miadovnik & David Beveridge

Pet Parents to DW and Scout

"It didn't take long to realize the benefit of ordering our cat and dog food from ROVRWithout a car in the city, it takes a lot of man power to carry pet food home. 

ROVR carries the best brands, at great prices (more competitive than local pet stores) and has the best delivery options available (incredibly flexible time and date). Customer service is incredible and prompt. They even added our cat's food to the website when it wasn't previously available.  

We will be lifetime customers without a doubt."

Anton R.

Pet Parent to Irene and Hailey

"First signed up with ROVR in February 2014 and have been a loyal customer since then. 
I have two 70lb greyhounds, Irene and Hailey, and having them deliver two 13 kg bags of Acana monthly is a huge convenience. 
Service has always been dependable and reliable. A few clicks saves me from driving to the pet store." 


Pet Parent to Else and Hugo

"I am very happy to have found ROVRI love the selection of premium dog food brands and the convenient delivery, especially the luxury of being able to choose my ideal delivery time. The ordering process is very quick and straight-forward and the choice of multiple payment options is an added bonus.
ROVR provides wonderful service! They are knowledgeable, attentive and the dogs love them. Thank you for the great service!"

Elizabeth M.

Pet Parent to Dolly and Daisy

"I wanted to tell you how much ROVR has meant to us! What would I have done without you? 

I had emergency surgery in June, and was told not to lift anything over 10 lbs. One morning, I realized we had completely run out of cat litter…disaster. I found ROVR online, ordered, and l emailed them to see if the litter could be delivered on the same day. I was in luck!  A few hours later, the driver arrived carrying two 26 lb bags of litter. 

Since then, I have found it much more convenient to purchase pet supplies via ROVRThe site is a pleasure to navigate and payment is simple. Plus, if you need to contact ROVR with a special request, they will get back to you quickly.

A wonderful service for urbanites without a car."

Layla T.

Pet Parent to Swiffer and Cashew

"I just received my first order of cat litter from ROVR! From browsing for products, to placing the order, to receiving the delivery, the process was a breeze. 

The driver delivered the cat litter, offered me some cat food samples, took cute pics of my kittens for the ROVR Instagram page, and gave me some great advice about the products I was planning to order next! Whoa - super service! 

A side note, I was paralyzed in an accident two years ago and felt I couldn't have pets because of the extra responsibility (like how the heck was I going to carry pet food/litter home when I had a hard time getting my groceries!)

I went ahead and got my kittens a few months ago and from day one felt immense love and comfort from them. I struggled with finding and getting access to good quality products for them, but now ROVR conveniently brings everything right to me!

I fully believe in the therapeutic impact of pets and wish others in similar situations as me could have the pleasure of pet ownership. ROVR's great service allows people in similar situations to me to have the choice to bring a special pet into their life!" 

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