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Quick deliveries to Toronto, Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough, and parts of Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Markham and Mississauga

  • Janice & Tango

    "I have been using ROVR since the onset of the pandemic and love their service. They have quality pet foods and great customer service!  When I have had to add to an order or make a change they have accommodated me. I love supporting a local company with real people.  We get all we need from ROVR."

  • Florencia & Lise

    "We discovered ROVR in the early days of the pandemic. Our cat, Varda, loves the Wellness beef and chicken pâté, which you have managed to keep in stock despite supply issues affecting other vendors. Impressed with ROVR’s service and product offerings, we now also get her litter from you. She likes the Feline Fresh by Scoopable as do we. The litter’s works well at controlling odors—piney freshness!—although its clumping abilities are a little lack luster.

    We are so grateful to be able to count on ROVR for Varda’s needs, and intend to continue with their super reliable service and great pricing for years to come."

  • Anton R.

    "Service has always been dependable and reliable. A few clicks saves me from having to drive to the pet store."

  • Sarita

    "I love the selection of premium dog food brands and the convenient delivery, especially the luxury of being able to select my ideal delivery time."

  • Elizabeth M.

    "A wonderful service for urbanites without a car."