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Delicious, nutritious patties your dog will go bonkers for.

Farmly is made weekly in small batches in Scarborough with simple, natural ingredients.

No fillers, artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

Bursting with flavour your dog will love.

Available in 3 scrumptious flavours: beef, lamb and chicken.

Feed frozen or thawed, as a treat, topper on kibble or a complete food on its own.

A great alternative to raw diets!


"Our dog Brume has been eating Farmly for the past 2 months-she now treats every meal time like it's the best part of her day-and she was not a super excited eater before. In fact whenever we used to give her a super yummy treat she would have to take it in the back yard to eat it so she could devote herself to the enjoyment of it (by her own choice). Now she grabs her patty and runs to the back door to take it outside because she thinks she's getting a special treat. Every day, twice a day! I love being able to make her this happy & knowing that I am feeding her the best possible nutrition there is available for dogs!"

- Liz


Frequently Asked Questions

Why feed cooked dog food?

Some dog owners don't want the mess of a raw diet or have a finicky dog who doesn't enjoy kibble. Farmly cooked dog food is gently cooked to lock in nutrients in an easy to feed, delicious patty that dogs love! It's also great as a nutritious and delicious treat or topper to add some flavour and variety to kibble.

How much do i feed my dog?

As a complete diet: Approximately 1 patty/day fed over 2-3 meals for each 16-22 lbs of dog. So a 50 lb dog would need a little more than 2 patties per day.

As a treat or topper: Feed sparingly as needed to treat your pup!


How do i prepare the patties to feed?

Easy! Farmly can be fed frozen or thawed. To thaw, place in the fridge overnight.