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Attention and Connecting to What Matters

I just read an excerpt from Arianna Huffington's new book, Thrive and I definitely resonate with her idea of redefining success. She calls for a need to soften our compulsive focus on monetary success and our desire to become successful solely by climbing the career ladder and acquiring things. Instead she says we should look to broaden our focus so that it includes other aspects of our lives, including truly connecting with ourselves and those we love.  The notion of connecting really resonated with me, especially as a husband, brother, son and as a person who shares his life with many pets. I can say from experience that the most beneficial thing I can give to those I share my life...

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Pet Health Tip: Simple Food is Good Food

Complexity adds stress, no matter what we're talking about. I've come to this realization as I've become more observant of stress in myself and others.  Since this is a pet related blog I will start with an example that has to do with pets. Pet foods are moving towards becoming simpler, because the complex formulas filled with grains and other fillers have started to cause stress on the digestive systems of many of our pets. These complex formulas have also caused various types of allergies in many pets, which is why simpler Hypo-Allergenic foods are gaining in popularity as well. Just so you know, rovr delivers some simpler diets, such as Blue Buffalo's "Basics" and "Wilderness" formulas, Natural Balance's "Limited-Ingredient...

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