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Interesting Video: TED Talk - Depressed Dogs, Cats with OCD - What Animal Madness Means for us Humans

If you think your dog or cat is depressed or suffering from some form of mental disorder, you're probably right. As pet parents we have a bond with our pets that nobody else shares. We know our pets better than anybody else, which means we can usually empathetically understand many of the nuances of our companion animals' mental states. This TED Talk is suggesting that there may be some scientific fact to our claims of experiencing the different emotions of our pets. It's still anthropomorphic in a sense to believe that our pets suffer from mental disorders, but there is evidence to prove there is some truth to that belief. Animals do get depressed and do suffer from OCD, but...

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Pet Health Tip: The Importance of Hydration

Most of us usually focus on feeding our pets well, but how well do we keep them hydrated? Our cat, Cujo, has had two fairly major urinary tract issues in the past, both having to do with her water intake. Her first issue came out of nowhere when one day I found her crying out in pain, peeing blood in random spots around the house. This happened about nine or ten years ago and it was definitely not a good sight to see. After a trip to the Riverdale Animal Hospital on the Danforth and some x-rays, Cujo was found to have had a large crystal in her bladder, causing an extremely painful blockage when she tried to urinate. This...

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Attention and Connecting to What Matters

I just read an excerpt from Arianna Huffington's new book, Thrive and I definitely resonate with her idea of redefining success. She calls for a need to soften our compulsive focus on monetary success and our desire to become successful solely by climbing the career ladder and acquiring things. Instead she says we should look to broaden our focus so that it includes other aspects of our lives, including truly connecting with ourselves and those we love.  The notion of connecting really resonated with me, especially as a husband, brother, son and as a person who shares his life with many pets. I can say from experience that the most beneficial thing I can give to those I share my life...

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