Feel Good Post: We're sponsoring a turkey for American Thanksgiving!

While we agree that dogs and cats naturally have a requirement to eat other animals, we don't agree with the brutal way the majority of farmed animals are treated in the factory farms of today. We won't go into detail about factory farms here- because this isn't the place for that type of information- but Google is your friend if you want to do your own research.

While we do sell dog and cat food with farmed animal ingredients in them, we also support organizations that work to improve the lives of farmed animals everywhere. To us, animals are animals, and we love all of them. With that in mind, we are looking to  sponsor a turkey through Farm Sanctuary in the U.S. this American Thanksgiving. Stay tuned to find out which one we decide to sponsor! :)

Here's a video from 2012 about Adopt a Turkey. 

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