Pet Health Tip: Vitamin C and Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs need Vitamin C incorporated into their diet. There are three main ways to make sure your Guinea Pig gets her daily dosage of Vitamin C:

  1. Fortified Pellets- Many brands (if not all brands) of Guinea Pig Pelleted Diet contain Vitamin C in them. The Oxbow Brand that rovr delivers is one of them. 
  2. Vitamin C drops- These are drops you can add to your Guinea Pig's drinking water. rovr doesn't deliver any of these as yet, mainly because of number 3 on this list.
  3. Fruits- Most Guinea Pigs love to chow down on a variety of fresh fruit, which act as nutritious treats that provide all of their Vitamin C needs. Our Piggie loves Oranges, Grapefruit, as well as Red and Green Peppers, all of which provide her with all the Vitamin C she needs. 
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