Caring for Superworms

Keeping your Superworms happy and healthy is very easy. Simply make sure you have a large enough plastic bin to house them, some bran or wheat germ for them to burrow in and munch on, and a source of moisture, such as a piece of vegetable or fruit. The bin can be found at any Canadian Tire or similar store, while the wheat germ and bran can be found in the cereal aisle of most grocery stores. 

When offering vegetables or fruit to your superworms, make sure to offer small amounts at a time to ensure the vegetables don't spoil before the worms get to eat them all. Recommended vegetables or fruit include: apples, pears, greens (leafy lettuce, kale, or other similar types) or potato, to name a few. I keep the bran or wheat germ dry by placing the vegetables with their skin on the bran so as to keep mould from building up. On the same topic of keeping the bran dry, leave the bin's top open to ensure proper ventilation and to eliminate humidity. Humidity plus worms equals a stinky bin and dead worms! Lastly, keep your worms at room temperature and away from direct sunlight. 

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