Our Pets: A Visit to the Vet for Cujo

Today was a day (more like half an hour) at the vet for our princess. 

She has a tendency to drink water from strange places like random puddles (she's an indoor/outdoor cat). This tendency has led to a few painful bladder and kidney infections in the past. It's almost like clockwork: the weather gets warmer, she starts going outside more often and then a few weeks later she comes down with an infection. 

This time I think we've thankfully caught it early. The treatment is a two week round of antibiotics (Clavaseptin) and then we'll take a look to see how she responds. Clavaseptin has worked well in the past so I feel it will do the job again. 

A big thank you to Dr. Larry Tung and the awesome staff at Laird-Eglinton Pet Hospital for their amazing service and care in the past and now. This vet clinic is absolutely amazing! The staff is very friendly and very caring of their furry patients. Highly recommended to any cat and dog parents in Toronto!

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