Cool Videos: Feeding Wild Australian Parrots

Check out this cool video of a family feeding a bunch of wild Australian parrots, including King Parrots and Sulphur Crested Cockatoos! I think I'd be much more nervous than the dad as he's feeding the Cockie (as they call it); they have really strong beaks! I can't believe how friendly those King Parrots are though! Sadly, I can now see why they were initially caught by people and kept as pets. 

Check out this video of all these Cockatoos being fed in a parking lot! They seem to be as common as pigeons are here in Toronto! 

I've been planning to take a trip to Australia with my wife for a while now, so that we can directly experience the unique Australian wildlife. Imagine seeing various Cockatoos, Lorikeets, Rosellas, and many other parrots in the city. Or imagine seeing wild Bearded Dragons (although we wouldn't kiss them like the boy in that video!) and other reptiles we keep as pets here in Toronto. Of course, we'd also love to listen to some amazing Aussie bands play live and snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef :) 

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