Heartwarming Videos: Up Close and Personal with Wild Whales and a Dolphin!

Check out this amazing video of these people interacting with a wild Grey Whale mother and her calf! It is awesome that these whales are interacting with these people by choosing to do so. Everybody seems to be enjoying the interaction a lot! Good times!

Here's another amazing video of a Grey Whale calf coming up for affection and lots of petting from some whale watchers. So cool! I definitely would love to interact with wild whales and dolphins some day.

This next video is one of my favourites. I've seen it many times and I still enjoy it. It's about some people saving an entangled Humpback Whale. Check out how the whale shows appreciation after being saved! Very heartwarming!

In this last video a dolphin approaches some divers for help. Entangled in fishing line and with hook in its body the dolphin was obviously in need of assistance. It's amazing to see the wild dolphin actually wait and come back over and over for the diver to remove the line. Such a display of intelligence in my view. Another heartwarming video! 

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