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Pet Health Tip: The potential problem with feeding seed to your bird.

Recently we've had to take both our lovebirds to the Links Road Animal Clinic due to minor illnesses. Gazpacho, our Fischer's Lovebird (on the right in the picture above) was a bit lethargic and was found to have had a minor infection. So we were given antibiotics to be added to her drinking water and sent on our way. Thankfully she has recovered well from her treatment and is back to being her boisterous self :) Hooligan, her "mate", had a separate issue at a later time where she had an egg stuck in her. She has been laying eggs constantly since we've had her, which has been about three years or so. This one egg caused her to struggle with...

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Pet Health Tip: Cricket Food

Pet reptiles get the nutrients they need to be healthy from the crickets and worms we feed them, so it's important that the crickets and worms eat something that makes them as nutritious as possible for our pet reptiles. We've added Fluker's High Calcium Cricket Diet to help make this task easy. Check it out here.

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New Products: More Added!

We're pleased to add some heat and UV bulbs, as well as their fixtures, for almost every type of reptile. Check them out here. Also, check out the Calcium+Vitamin D3 powdered supplement we've added to help keep your pet reptiles happy and healthy.  We've also added Holistic Blend Lamb & Rice Dog Formula, due to a customer request. We're always happy to add the products you guys need. 

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