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Pet Health Tip: Cricket Food

Pet reptiles get the nutrients they need to be healthy from the crickets and worms we feed them, so it's important that the crickets and worms eat something that makes them as nutritious as possible for our pet reptiles. We've added Fluker's High Calcium Cricket Diet to help make this task easy. Check it out here.

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Caring for Leopard Geckos

  Leopard Geckos are the most common reptile kept as pets. They are extremely easy to care for and can be quite friendly. Please keep in mind that these guys have been known to live for 15-25 years so they would be considered a long-term commitment, albeit a low-maintenance one. If possible, try to adopt when choosing a Leopard Gecko as there are many that are passed on from one owner to the next, mainly due to their longevity. Leopard Geckos grow to a size of about 6-8 inches including their tail and are best suited to a 10-20 gallon terrarium. The terrarium setup should include an infrared or night heat lamp, a hiding/sleeping area, a water dish and other...

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